Each week, on Fridays, Visit Ballard will reveal the week’s photo challenge objectives and grand prize. Participants will cleverly gather photos of each objective and post on one of their social media profiles from the respective week’s list.

Participants will choose one social media platform to post and tag their photos on. Players must tag @visitballard, #BallardPhotoChallenge and the business or location for each item. Some items require a little bit of creativity so be sure to let your artistic talents shine through in your posts.

Complete each objective in the weekly challenge (THURS-WED) and be entered into a drawing for $250 in gift cards from Ballard businesses. Each week we will have a new and exciting challenge and gift card line up.

Weekly photo challenge runs THURSDAY through WEDNESDAY and there is no limit to the number of weeks players participate or win. Make it a part of your weekly adventure and get out and explore the Ballard neighborhood!

#BallardPhotoChallenge @visitballard