Welcome to the Ballard Brewery District!

Set your course for the Ballard Brewery District (BBD) and explore over a dozen breweries within a one-mile radius. You are on your way to discovering an enclave of award-winning craft beer in Seattle’s hoppiest hood.

Check out our list of BBD breweries below, and don’t forget to pick up a Ballard Brewed Passport from breweries with an asterisk next to them. Collect stamps at each location and win a prize! This is a fun and unique way to try a variety of amazing #BallardBrewed beers coming out of BBD! Cheers!🍻


β€”Bale Breaker & Yonder Cider Taproom* | 826 NW 49th St

β€”Bickersons Brewhouse* | 1514 NW Leary Way

β€”Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Company* | 4358 NW Leary Way

β€”Fair Isle Brewing* | 936 NW 49th St

β€”Great Notion Brewing | 5101 14th Ave NW Suite 101

β€”Lucky Envelope Brewing* | 907 NW 50th St

β€”Maritime Pacific Brewing Company* | 1111 NW Ballard Way

β€”Obec Brewing* | 1144 NW 52nd St

β€”Reuben’s Brews* | 5010 14th Ave NW

β€”Stoup Brewing* | 1108 NW 52nd St

β€”Trailbend Taproom | 1118 NW 50th St

β€”Urban Family Brewing Co.* | 1103 NW 52nd St

β€”Wheelie Pop Brewing* | 1110 NW 50th St

In addition to the Ballard Brewery District breweries listed above, Downtown Ballard is home to Cloudburst Brewing – Shilshole Ave Beer Garden, Pike Brewing Taproom, and Heritage Distilling Company.