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Rebel Med Northwest

Introductory Biofeedback Session: Stress/Relaxation

– Improving the awareness of body sensations is key to making a change in our health. Biofeedback aids the user to become more aware of how life influences our health and well being. Chronic nervous system activation through classic stressors, triggers, trauma, and day to day living, can consume our attention and focus, and we soon lose a sense of control of our senses. Utilizing biofeedback sensors including heart rate, respiration, muscle tension, sweat response, and temperature, we can increase our awareness of when we are stressed or relaxed. In turn, helping us understand how our body is responding to stress and how it fits with other symptoms or disease, we are addressing.
– During this introductory visit, you will: Initial Stress assessment and recommendations for training, Learn how your Heart rate is influenced by stress and relaxation, Learn how breath training can balance your nervous system and heart rate & Learn how to train your body & mind for focus, energy, and improved mental health.


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