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Blackbird Incense

Made in Seattle by Blackbird
20+ cones per tin
Natural essential oils
Natural bamboo charcoal cone
Reusable/recyclable packaging
Travels well + perfect gift
Burn time: 20 min approx.
Scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium sized room)

MARS – (fka BLOOD COUNTESS) dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, benzoin, spices and dust
GORGO – wood bouquet and beeswax
TARGA – guaiacwood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, sandalwood, smoke, myrrh and vetiver
AI – geranium, rose stem, moss, mint
IZBA – cedarwood, lavender
MALUS – Nootka cypress, oak, amyris, cypriol, scotch whisky, damp ash, vanilla, leather
LONE – cedarwood, New Orleans moss, African bluegrass, fig
TILDE – agarwood/oud, black pepper, sage, patchouli, geranium, cedarwood
MURU – vetiver, yuzu, cypress, soil
PLOOM – gardenia, tobacco, bay, guaiacwood, sandalwood, tonka bean


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