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Skål Beer Hall

Beerhalla Mug Club Membership

Enter Beerhalla for eternity with a lifetime membership! Use code: NEWBIE for 20% OFF your new membership.

Beerhalla is our loyalty “mug club” program. Member benefits include use of unique Viking tankard glassware at the bar, discounted rates for special events at Skål, and limited release beers poured to members first. Plus, members will pay for a 16oz pour but receive 20 oz (a $2 discount) for every beer! Lifetime members will also receive a Skål t-shirt and sticker.

Our tankards are hand crafted by Sidhefire Arts in Rainier, WA and are modeled after a Viking era archeological find.

If you’re not ready to commit to a lifetime, annual memberships are also available for $50.


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