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All-Weather Marine Sailing Logbook


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Choose Backstay All-Weather Logbook for Ultimate Durability! The waterproof cover and all-weather Rite in the RainĀ® paper are intended to survive exposure to the elements.

This all-in-one waterproof sailing logbook ensures you’re fully equipped and prepared for your cruise. It features an easy-to-use reference guide with navigation rules, international code flags, distress call scripts, sailing trip and project planners, boat maintenance logs, and even reusable sailing checklists for pre-departure and arrival to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Backstay All-weather Logbook features quality all-weather Rite in the RainĀ® paper and thoughtful touches like rounded corners for added protection. The All-weather Logbook caters perfectly to both sailboats and powerboats navigating coastal waters.

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