The Ballard Alliance has four core committees that serve in an advisory capacity to the organization – Marketing and Membership, Programs, Public Policy and SeafoodFest. Each Member of the Ballard Alliance Board of Directors generally serve on no less than two committees. Ballard Alliance members are also encouraged to serve on a committee. Committee members must commit to consistent active participation, and support the goals of the committee and the organization.

Marketing and Membership

This committee advises the organization on matters related to marketing and membership, including the development of marketing tools, promotional campaigns and events, member benefits and outreach, and membership recruitment.

Eli Fisher, Co-Chair, Legh Burns, Maggie Burns, Candace Cothran, Nathan Engman, Jamie Riggle, Michelle Rosenthal


The Programs Committee develops and drives the programs agenda for the year. Typical programs include regular lunch meetings, speaker opportunities, After Hours events and other special events (e.g. Mariners Games, golf tournament etc.).

Candace Cothran, Chair, Mindy Byers, Stephanie Carrillo, Annie Davis, Susan Dibble, Christy McDanold, Anndrea Dohring

Programs: Ballard Merchants Group Subcommittee

Lanne Stauffer, Chair, Legh Burns, Candace Cothran, Christy McDanold, (Note: Board Participants Only)

Public Policy: Clean/Healthy/Safe Subcommittee

Advises on policies and programs related to homelessness, street cleaning, mental health outreach, the Seattle Police Department and other identified issue areas.

Charles Costanzo, Chair, Randy Brinker, Stephanie Carrillo, Matthew Kiffin, Jen Muzai, Britt Olson, Keith Salas, Paul Sivesind, Eric Stoll

Public Policy: Economic Development Subcommittee

Advises on policies and programs related to economic development, business retention and recruitment, urban design, transportation, tax policy and other relevant legislative issues.

Scott Ingham, Chair, Josh Dohring, Eli Fisher, Haley Keller, Christy McDanold, Jamie Riggle, Michael Smith


Committee participants are closely involved with the planning and implementation of the annual Ballard SeafoodFest. This committee requires a significant time commitment, particularly the weeks leading up to – and the weekend of – this summer event. Want to get involved? Please contact Mike Stewart, Executive Director, Ballard Alliance.

Mike Stewart, Chair, Legh Burns, Stephanie Carrillo, Nathan Engman, Max Genereaux, Eric Stoll

Public Art

The Ballard Public Art Committee (BPAC), a committee of the Ballard Alliance, formed in 2018 from the desire to incorporate more public art throughout the streets of Ballard. The BPAC includes local artisans, residents, and people who work in the area – all with a passion for public art. The committee is dedicated to facilitating public art projects in the Ballard neighborhood while ensuring that the needs and values of the community are upheld throughout the process of these projects.

Devin Reynolds, Board Member; Kiana Ballo, Board Member; Kim Peterson, Sam Slater, Aliza Jensen, Katie Kulseth, Matt McConeghy, Tavo O’Connell, Andrew Miller